D2 Type Butt Welding Fusion Machine

Group Plastic Welding Equipment
Min. Order 10 set
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Update Time 2019-11-07
Item specifics
Product NameD2 Type Butt Welding Fusion Machine

D2 Type Butt Welding Fusion Machine

Product Description

1. Suitable for thermoplastic pipes or fittings made of PP,PB, PE, PVDF for field operation or in workshop.

2. Consists of basic frame, planning tool, separate heating plate, steel stand, etc.

3. Made of light weight and high strength material

4. The main accessories of the welding machines are made by fully automatic aluminum casting. 

5. Much lighter and smoother than the machine made by sand or steel mold casting

6. This type of machine is driven by rack, a metal guide rod with teeth, which enable the machine to be labor saving and convenient operation.

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