What Are Pipe Threading Dies ?

Time: 2019-07-02
Summary: Pipe threading dies are one of significant spare parts for pipe threading machines. Your processing on threads types and pipe sizes are as per your pipe threading dies.

Pipe threading dies are main spare parts for pipe threading machines. The application of threading machines shall be decided as per your types of pipe threading dies.

For pipe threading dies, we can learn as per below picture.

Today, we will talk about the types of pipe threading dies. 

As per the material, pipe threading dies are divided into alloy dies and HSS dies. Alloy and HSS are not standard material and they have different levels so there should be different alloy dies and different HSS dies. Hongli has alloy and HSS pipe threading dies with material of higher level than that of the other domestic factories.

Different material of pipe threading dies are suitable for different material of pipes. For different pipe sizes, the threading dies also have differences.

Hongli pipe threading dies sizes are 1/4" -3/8", 1/2"-3/4", 1"-2", 2 1/2"-3", 2 1/2"-4", 5"-6". 

As per pipe threading machines, the threading dies are also different in outline.


As you can see the mark  BSPT in the above pictures. It is divided as per the threads types. Most common threads types are BSPT / BSPP , NPT / NPSM, Metric. The differences are teeth degrees of the pipe threading dies.

The threading dies are including 4 pieces each set. You can choose the dies sets as per your pipe threading machines and using hobbies. 

Let's see our beautiful threads:

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