It Is the Right Season for Traveling

publisher: Rita
Time: 2017-06-06

It Is the Right Season for Traveling

When it was March of Beijing Time, our customer from Australia shared us his experience for outing.

See, so happy so cool, right.

Last Saturday, we also had a travel to a sight spot in Hangzhou. It advertised to be similar to Jiuzhaigou Valley in Province Sichuan.

Some of our members reached to the top of the mountain and the waterfall is really clean and cool.

The rock of lives here is wonderful.

I like below awesome "Wanma Stone". They are large and steady.

Here the general station is also cool and you can stand here to see the "Wanma Stone" below.

Hey, this lady is with a standard action, right?

Welcome to have a tourist in Hangzhou China. :)

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