Threading Dies are the Key Parts in Pipe Threading

publisher: Rita
Time: 2017-01-04

Threading Dies are the Key Parts in Pipe Threading

Hongli, as a company with 30 years of history specialized in pipeline connection, pays more attention to spare parts and product details.

Using the same machine with different levels of threading dies, the threads will be obviously different.

We have more than ten years of experience in developing and manufacturing kinds of threading dies for our regular customers.

The features of Hongli hss pipe threading dies are :

1. Professional heat treatment , vacuum quenching ,ensures the hardness of dies

2. Full teeth milling shows more clean and smooth fineness in dies teeth.

3. Beveling in groove parts makes dies setting and installation easier and faster

4.High quality M2 HSS material ,W6Mo5Cr4V2,from reliable material supplier, ensures the precise cutting geometry.

5.Our full milling dies are with long life usage with clean threads .

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