Hongli Wants to Make All the Spares By Our Own

publisher: Rita
Time: 2016-11-12

Hongli Wants to Make All the Spares By Our Own

This week, our engineers and leaders of the workshops are gathering together to talk about how to design and make the oil pumps of the pipe grooving machines by our own. 

As we all know, so many companies are making machines by assembling the spare parts from other factories all together. Hongli pipe machinery was also the factory making spare parts of pipe threading machines for our customers. Now we also help the customers manufacture the complete sets of the machines. Then we developed other machines and tools and enjoy high reputation during the 30 years.

YG12E is one type of pipe grooving machine. As the grooving pipe connecting is tend to be popular and efficient for larger pipes, we want to make steady and powerful parts and tools for the machines.

 As our boss was an engineer before so he is paying more attention to the quality of all the machines.

Then , our machines and tools attract so many customers and great orders.

This year, pipe grooving machine work line made so many containers of machines. 

During the end of 2016, our hongli will develop two new pipe grooving machines for much more functional and easy operating!

Let's await the new updating machines! :)

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